Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Expert Witness Services and Litigation Support

Major Airline, Regional, Military, Corporate, Fixed-wing, and rotary wing

Kit Darby litigation supports the following:

Expert Witness: Written reports, depositions, and trial testimony

Specialty—Pilot, Flight Attendant, and Mechanic Careers

Earnings and employability models

Case preparation analysis

Airline Business Forecasting Services

Pilot Hiring — Airline, corporate, fractional

Equipment — Aircraft and simulators

Pilot Demand — Airline, corporate, fractional

Hiring Trends — Age, education, flight training, qualifications, and experience

Airline Business Plans and Feasibility Studies

Flight schools, pilot products, and services

Example Airline Expert Witness Questions Answered by Kit Darby

My client has been fatally injured. What would have been the value of my client’s career?

My client has been permanently injured. What is the value of my client’s professional pilot career? Airline, corporate, and military

What compensation and seniority has my client lost due to this temporary disability?

Can you provide reports and earnings models, depositions and expert witness trial work?

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