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Regional Airline Pilots’ Escalating Income

The escalating pay and growing pilot shortage make this an excellent time to enter the industry.

By James Wynbrandt, Flying, October 20, 2017


How to Value Airline Pilot Careers: The $8 Million Dollar Man has Wings!

Airline pilot careers are much more valuable than many attorneys, spouses, and even the pilots themselves often realize. Even after all of the well-publicized pay reductions and retirement plan failures at our established legacy passenger airlines, these careers are still providing high career values.

By TASA ID: 616 – Kit Darby, December 1, 2017


Air Canada being probed for another runway blunder at SFO

Federal investigators are probing why an Air Canada flight crew did not hear repeated warnings from air traffic controllers to abort a landing at San Francisco International Airport

By Jenna Lyons, SFGate, October 24, 2017: 4:46PM ET


Delta Will Promote Pilots to Captain—if They Can Fly This Aging Plane

The unloved “Mad Dog” is helping to topple the traditional timetable as the carrier contends with a graying pool of aviators.

By Michael Sasso and Julie Johnsson, Bllomberg Businessweek, August 30, 2017: 6:00 AM ET


Spirit’s customers are mad. Its pilots are furious.

A lot of Spirit Airlines’ customers don’t like the airline. Neither do its pilots.

By Chris Isidoren, CNNMoney, May 9, 2017: 4:02 PM ET


American Airlines is offering its pilots & flight attendants a raise

Hoping to satisfy employees’ demands to close the big gap between their salaries and what counterparts make at Delta and United, American is giving an 8% raise to pilots and a 5% increase to flight attendants.

by Julia Horowitz, CNN Money – April 26, 2017: 7:12 PM ET


Want to earn $300,000 tax free? Try flying a plane in China

Chinese airlines are offering huge pay packages to tempt foreign pilots as demand for air travel balloons.

By Jethro Mullen, CNNMoney, November 15, 2016 – 8:32 PM


How the Air Force is scrambling to head off an exodus of fighter pilots

The Air Force is scrambling to head off what could be a major exodus of fighter pilots for the private sector, which would exacerbate an already-serious shortfall of fighter jocks.

By , Air Force Times,


Advisory Panel Would Relax Rules for Co-Pilot Experience

A proposal is likely to rekindle long-running safety debate about mandatory flying hours.

By , Wall Street Journal,



Delta pilots, seeking 37% raise, picket headquarters

The pilots, who held pickets at eight major airports in June, are at the Atlanta headquarters of the world’s No. 2 airline.
The pilots are not on strike, and the demonstrations are meant to call attention to their demands.

By , CNNMoney,