Airline Recovery Forecast

Kit Darby joins the Ride Report for an update on the airline recovery.


Airline Pilot Demand after COVID

Kit Darby joins the Ride Report for an update on airline pilot demand and projections on how the industry might recover after COVID-19.

Developing a Job Search Plan During a down turn:

Kit Darby, from Kit Darby Aviation Consulting, joins the Ride Report to discuss Developing a Job Search Plan.

Career Resources

Sling Pilot Academy:

Want to be an Airline Pilot? Here’s 10 Things to Know about the academy If you missed the original Webinar, this is the full interview with aviation expert Kit Darby We cover all of the basics you’ll need to get started on your airline pilot journey. 


Paying For Flight School – Pilot Q&A

Visit and get a comprehensive Q and A session on paying for flight school.

A Conversation With Kit Darby

A Conversation With Kit Darby

CAT Editor-in-Chief Rick Adams, FRAeS, talks with Kit Darby, one of the leading experts on professional pilot careers about the state of the North American aviation market – recovery, retirements, furloughs, pay packages, and advice for moving to the head of the queue...

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