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Interview Resource Guide

Our best selling Interview Resource Guide. Three books with tons of valuable information for your airline interview. OrderHereforKit

THREE BOOKS IN ONE! Delta Pilot Interview Guide,
Airline Pilot Career Guide,
Airline Pilot Interview Resources


SECTION A: Delta Pilot Interview Guide
Feature Articles by Mike Moffett
Detailed Interview Briefing – Application Process, Overview, Testing
Sample questions: HR, Technical, Personality and Psychological
COG – AE: 10 Test Cognitive Battery
MMPI: Personality Inventory
NEO Personality Profile
Aeronautical Knowledge Test – 100 sample questions
Pilot Panel Interview Questions: Scenarios, Technical, Background,
Delta Corporate Goals
Delta: Rules of the Road

SECTION B: Airline Pilot Career Guide
Job Market
Getting the Job
Résumés and Applications
Technical Interview
Sim Check

SECTION C: Airline Pilot Interview Resources
Interviewing Questions and Answers
Delta History

(included with Study Guide and also with Interview Prep)

Package Part  This product is also included in the Interview Prep Package.