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How the Air Force is scrambling to head off an exodus of fighter pilots

The Air Force is scrambling to head off what could be a major exodus of fighter pilots for the private sector, which would exacerbate an already-serious shortfall of fighter jocks.

By , Air Force Times,


Advisory Panel Would Relax Rules for Co-Pilot Experience

A proposal is likely to rekindle long-running safety debate about mandatory flying hours.

By , Wall Street Journal,



Delta pilots, seeking 37% raise, picket headquarters

The pilots, who held pickets at eight major airports in June, are at the Atlanta headquarters of the world’s No. 2 airline.
The pilots are not on strike, and the demonstrations are meant to call attention to their demands.

By , CNNMoney,


Foreign pilots cash in on Chinese airline boom

For foreign pilots looking for sky high salaries maybe Chinese airlines are the answer.

By China.org.cn, August 20 2016


Chinese airlines poaching foreign pilots with lucrative pay offers

Facing a shortage of candidates at home, carriers are dangling lucrative pay packages at foreigners with cockpit experience.

By Angus Whitley, The Sydney Morning Herald, August 18, 2016


United Airlines Pilots Get A Raise As Carriers Reel In Soaring Profits

One of the nation’s largest airlines is giving its pilots a healthy raise.

By Cole Stangler, International Business Times.com, January 22, 2016 — 1:20 PM EDT


Shrinking Pool of Future Pilots Keeps Major Airlines on Edge

After coping with terrorism, bankruptcies and consolidation, the largest U.S. airlines are facing a new problem: They may start running out of pilots in as soon as three years.

By Mary Schlangensteing and Michael Sasso, Bloomberg.com, June 29, 2016 — 5:00 AM EDT


Become a pilot. Seriously. It’s a great job.

It’s breathtaking. It’s soulful. You won’t take your work home. And aviation desperately needs you.

By Mark Vanhoenacker, Slate.com, May 31 2016 9:28 AM


FedEx ramps up pilot hiring to avert shortage

FedEx is aggressively hiring pilots to keep pace with growth and accelerated retirements of senior flight crew members.


Delta pilots seeking 40% pay hikes

Delta Air Lines pilots want a 40% pay hike over the next three years..

by Chris Isidore, @CNN Money, March 29, 2016: 1:52 PM ET