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How Investigators Pull Data off a Boeing 737’s Black Boxes

By Alex Davies, Transportation, 03.15.19 05:15 PM

IN THE FIVE days since Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed a few minutes after taking off from Addis Ababa, killing all 157 people aboard, regulators around the world have grounded the Boeing 737 MAX 8.


How do airlines fill capacity lost with grounding of 737 Max planes? ‘They probably don’t,’ expert says

Mike Lloyd and Hana Mae NassarMarch 14, 2019

How long will Canada’s fleet of Boeing 737 Max 8s be grounded? That’s the question facing the country’s airlines, which fly more of the aircraft combined than almost any other nation on the planet.


A Worry for Some Pilots: Their Hands-On Flying Skills Are Lacking

By Zach Wichter and Jack Nicas, March 14, 2019

In nearly 100 million flights by United States passenger airlines over the past decade, there has been a single fatality. Other than most landings and takeoffs, the planes have largely been flying themselves. But the recent crashes of Boeing 737 Max 8 jets in Indonesia and Ethiopia have raised questions about the downside of all that automation.


NYTimes: More Jobs Will Be Cleared for Takeoff. Aspiring Pilots Are Ready.

By Zach Wichter and Micah Maidenberg, May 27, 2018

As big airlines face a wave of retirements, a fresh batch of fliers gets a chance, and the training, to seize the opportunity.


U.S. airlines tap army helicopter pilots to ease shortage

U.S. military helicopter pilots who have taken attractive offers from domestic airlines trying ease a global pilot shortage.

By Tracy Rucinski, Reuters (Chicago) Business, 1:08 PM ET Wed, 23 January 2019


An arcane pilot union rule will make flying (a little) more comfortable on United

United Airlines‘ latest aircraft order comes with a rare perk in an age of increasingly cramped commercial flights: more space.

By Leslie Josephs, CNBC, 1:00 PM ET Sat, 21 July 2018



Emirates Denies Being Hit By Pilot Shortage

Several rumors have been circulating in the international press that Emirates has been parking aircraft in Dubai due to a pilot exodus in favor of Chinese airlines offering superior pay and terms.

By Peter Shaw-Smith, AIN Online, July 15, 2018, 3:00 AM


More Jobs Will Be Cleared for Takeoff. Aspiring Pilots Are Ready.

As big airlines face a wave of retirements, a fresh batch of fliers gets a chance, and the training, to seize the opportunity.

By Zach Wichter, The New York Times, May 27, 2018


Regional Airline Pilots’ Escalating Income

The escalating pay and growing pilot shortage make this an excellent time to enter the industry.

By James Wynbrandt, Flying, October 20, 2017


How to Value Airline Pilot Careers: The $8 Million Dollar Man has Wings!

Airline pilot careers are much more valuable than many attorneys, spouses, and even the pilots themselves often realize. Even after all of the well-publicized pay reductions and retirement plan failures at our established legacy passenger airlines, these careers are still providing high career values.

By TASA ID: 616 – Kit Darby, December 1, 2017