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Airline Study Guide

Our best selling Airline Interview Career Guide.

100 pages


Airlne Pilot Job Market
Pilot Hiring – Past Present, Future
US Pilot Hiring Projections
Factors That Drive Pilot Hiring
Risk Factors
Bottom line focus
Getting The Job You Want
Your Job Search Plan
Assess Your Job Options
Assess Your Qualifications
How Do You Compare
Applying Yourself
Pilot Records Improvement Act
Market Segment Analysis
Tough Career Decisions
Résumés, Cover Letters & Applications
The Interview Link
A General Overview
E-Résumés and E-Applications
Getting Started
Cover Letters
Employment Applications
Letters of Recommendation
Putting it All Together
Mastering The Interview
The Selection Process
Who is Evaluating You * The Interview • Avoiding Pitfalls • Overcoming Rejection
The Medical Exam
The Medical Check
Before the Medical Exam
Technical Interview / Written Testing / Cognitive Test
The Simulator Check
Primary Flight Instruments
Typical Problems
Before Your Simulator Check Ride
The Pilot We Worry About the Most

(Included with Delta Pilot Interview Guide)