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Kit Darby, president of KitDarby.com Aviation Consulting, LLC. Shot at his home and in a flight simulator for Bloomberg Markets Magazine. Darby photographed inside a B-737-800 Full Flight Simulator. Photos shot November 22, 2009.
Kit Darby


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-Kit Darby was the president of Aviation Information Resources (AIR, Inc.) from 1989 to 2009. He was a B737-300/800 and B717 Simulator and Ground Instructor for Boeing in Atlanta, GA from 2007-2014, and is currently an ATP-CTP instructor for Delta Global Services and ATP Flight School. A retired B767 captain with United Airlines, Mr. Darby has interviewed 21 times with 17 different airlines and worked with four majors and one national airline since 1978.

-He has a BS in Aeronautical Studies from Embry-Riddle AU. Kit is author of the Simulator Flying Guide, Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Career Pilot, the World Wide Pilot Supply Report, World Wide Jet Transport Simulator Study and the new Pilot Career Guide, and publisher of the Airline Pilot Salary Survey, Airline Pilot Careers magazine (1996-2008) and Airline Pilot Job Monthly Newsletter (1993-2009).

-Kit’s flight experience includes 20,000+ hours total time, 10,000 hours jet time. ATP with B717, B737, B727, DC-8, and B757/767 type ratings, flight/instrument and flight engineer instructor, commercial instrument helicopter pilot, plus military instructor/instrument examiner ratings in two helicopters and five fixed-wing multi-engine aircraft.


Dan Gradwohl

Financial Analyst

-Daniel Gradwohl is a financial analyst with KitDarby.com. Mr. Gradwohl is the author of Air, Inc.’s yearly Airline Pilot Salary Survey and Fleet and Simulator Directory. Mr. Gradwohl also does financial analysis of potential career value earnings/projections in conjunction with expert witness legal proceedings.

-Daniel received at Bachelors Degree in economics and history from Muir College at the University of California-San Diego in 1988. During college he worked as an analyst in the schedule planning department at Pacific Southwest Airlines.

-Following graduation he obtained his private, instrument and commercial certificates and was a flight instructor for three years in the Los Angeles area. Gradwohl went on to fly six different aircraft types at Ameriflight from 1992-1995 before joining Ryan International Airlines on the Boeing 727-100/200. In 1997 he was hired by Northwest Airlines and has worked as a second officer on the airline’s DC-10s and B747-200s. He is currently an A-320 First Officer for Delta Air Lines.


Kit Darby, president of KitDarby.com Aviation Consulting, LLC. Shot at his home and in a flight simulator for Bloomberg Markets Magazine. Darby photographed inside a B-737-800 Full Flight Simulator. Photos shot November 22, 2009.
Jim Manley


-Jim Manley is a simulator specialist and senior analyst with KitDarby.com Aviation Consulting He consults with our Sim Study Group.

-Jim graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1978 with a Bachelors degree in Engineering Sciences and received a Masters in Systems Management through the University of Southern California in 1988. Jim served for 10 years as a pilot flying T-37, C-130, and C-23 aircraft. He received the Military Airlift Command’s Excellence in Airmanship Award in 1987.

-Jim was hired by Piedmont Airlines in 1988 and has flown F-28, DC-9, B-737, MD-80 as First Officer and B-727 as Flight Engineer. His total flying time 9,300 hours. Jim is currently an MD-11 First Officer with World Airways.


Michael Moffett


-Mike Moffett is an airline industry veteran. He has spent the last 13 years as a major airline pilot. Prior to that, he flew eight years for regional and national airlines throughout the United States. He is a type-rated captain on the B-757, B-767, DC9, and ATR-72 and has accumulated 15,000 flight hours. Mike has spent more than 12 years consulting in the aviation field, including ten as a columnist for Airline Pilot Careers Magazine.

-Moffett grew up in Southern California where he attended the University of California, San Diego, earning degrees in Communication and Economics.


Charles R. Barnett, III

Pilot Certificate Action Advisor

-Charles R. Barnett, III is an aviation law attorney based in Crystal Lake, Illinois on the outskirts of Chicago. Mr. Barnett represents pilots in enforcement actions before the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board. In addition, he represents victims and their families in relation to personal injuries and wrongful deaths as the result of aviation accidents.

-He has been flying airplanes since he was 16 years old. After 8 years of active duty flying in the United States Air Force flying B-52 and B-1 bombers, Mr. Barnett was hired by a major airline and flies internationally, both over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. He holds an ATP certificate and is currently type-rated in the Boeing 757, 767 and 777 aircraft and has accumulated approximately 10,000 hours of flying time. He is married and the proud father of four children.

-Mr. Barnett is active in numerous aviation law-related organizations, including Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Legal Services Panel, Allied Pilots Association, American Bar Association, Forum on Air & Space Law, Frequent Speaker at EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Chicago Bar Association Aviation Law Committee, Experimental Aircraft Association, Illinois State Bar Association, Lawyer Pilots Bar Association, and National Transportation Safety Board Bar Association.


Jo Halverson

Editorial Research and Administrative Consultant

-Jo Halverson is an aviation research specialist with KitDarby.com. Ms. Halverson is a former editor/writer for Airline Pilot Careers magazine, published by AIR, Inc. Jo provides topical articles that focus on current events impacting the aviation industry and the pilot profession. She also maintains and updates the extensive database of archived articles KitDarby.com has available to the public. Additionally, Jo provides fact checking and research support to client reports.

-Jo has a BA in Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She worked as a radio news reporter prior to entering the aviation field. Jo was hired as a flight attendant at United Airlines in 1984 and began work on her flight ratings and certificates, eventually leaving United and working as a flight instructor, contract pilot for the Department of Defense Military Courier Service and a regional airline pilot. She was rehired as a flight officer at United Airlines in 1999.

-In the past ten years Jo has been furloughed at United, hired at a fractional corporate aviation company and recalled at United. She is currently an A320 First Officer. She has an ATP rating and is type rated in the A320, B737 and Citation X.


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